Important news – Changes are coming to ScarletMail accounts

What is happening?
Important changes are about to happen to your ScarletMail account.  As you know, ScarletMail is the Rutgers implementation of Google Apps for Education.  Google will begin converting ScarletMail accounts to be more like a full Google Account.  This is part of a larger implementation by Google to convert all Google Apps accounts to have access to their full suite of applications.

Please note that Rutgers may not allow access to certain services, notably monetizing services.
List of applications available on ScarletApps.

When will this happen?
Google will start converting the ScarletMail domain on Thursday, July 28th.

What changes you need to know about:

  • If you are using Gmail offline you will need to follow the instructions to sync offline Gmail before transitioning or you could lose offline messages.
  • Offline Google Docs will not work with Google Apps accounts after transition.
  • There will be a new interface with two changes.  The Settings menu will become a “gear” icon and the Signout option Is under the email address at top-right accessed by clicking the drop-down arrow.
  • The conversion of the Google Apps accounts will not change the existing data policy. All of the products, applications, and services used in the ScarletApps at Rutgers environment are subject to the University’s Acceptable Use Policy and Google’s Terms of Service for that product.  There will be a temporary delivery stop to mobile devices until you accept the Google Terms of Service upon first sign-in to the transitioned account via a browser.
  • If you used your ScarletMail account to access other Google Services, such as Picasa, you will need to transfer these accounts to a personal email address before your account can be transitioned.  ScarletMail accounts with this conflict with receive a separate email with instructions.

Where to get help:

Campus Computing Help Desks:

Camden 856/225-6274
Newark 973/353-5083
New Brunswick 732/445-HELP(4357)

The Google Accounts Help Center