WARNING: critical vulnerability discovered in Wi-Fi

A serious vulnerability has been identified in the wireless encryption standards used for Wi-Fi networks. Attackers can use this so-called KRACK vulnerability to access information that was previously assumed to be safely encrypted, including credit card numbers, passwords, photos, and protected health information. Any device that supports Wi-Fi is potentially affected.

What to do to protect your information:

To prevent an attack, users should update devices as soon as patches or updates become available. Devices affected by the vulnerability include phones, tablets, computers, connected home devices, and wireless access points and routers. Check with device vendors or carriers for the availability of updates. A PCMag.com article discusses how major companies are addressing this issue.

Key points to remember:

  • All devices supporting Wi-Fi are potentially affected.
  • Install updates/patches as soon as they’re available.
  • Do not use unpatched devices on Wi-Fi to transmit sensitive or private information.
  • All data transmitted can be decrypted.

If you need help:
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your departmental IT support or the Help Desk:

Camden | 856-225-6274 | http://computing.camden.rutgers.edu
Newark | 973-353-5083 | http://ncs.rutgers.edu/helpdesk
New Brunswick | 848-445-HELP(4357) | http://oit-nb.rutgers.edu/service/help-desk