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Eden/ICI Services Downtime – Tuesday 8/21/14 4:00am-8:00am

The Office of Information Technology (OIT), Enterprise Infrastructure will be upgrading the Jet-Core Load balancers for “Eden” services to new hardware.   Eden/ICI services, including email, will not be available during this upgrade.  In addition the ScarletMail landing page will not be available.  Users using other methods to read ScarletMail will not be affected.  RATS (account management services) including creation of ScarletMail and other ICI/RCI accounts, email aliases and forwarding tools will not be available.

Maintenance Window:
The maintenance will take place on Tuesday, August 21, 2014 between the hours of 04:00am and 08:00am.

How You May Be Affected:
The Eden/ICI infrastructure in Hill Center will experience outages during the maintenance window.

Type of maintenance:
This is a scheduled maintenance.

This maintenance is required to migrate to new high available load balancers and upgrade to 10Gb/s network uplinks.

UPDATE: Transition of Student Campus Email Services [Eden/Pegasus/Clam to ScarletApps]

The Office of Information Technology will complete its transition to ScarletApps and decommission student campus email services on Eden, Pegasus, and Clam as of July 1, 2014. In order to ensure that everyone has access to ScarletApps and continues to receive email, OIT asks that you make these changes before July 1.

If you do not have a ScarletMail account, visit http://scarletmail.rutgers.edu and click Activate Now.

Visit http://netid.rutgers.edu and select Manage Email Address to

  1. Set your Personalized Email Address to an alias such as first.last@rutgers.edu
  2. Set the ScarletMail account (your_netid@scarletmail.rutgers.edu) as a Delivery Email Account and remove delivery addresses on Eden, Pegasus, or Clam. Add the new delivery address before deleting old ones
  3. Set your Official Rutgers Email Address to the alias you selected (e.g. first.last@rutgers.edu)

Alternatively, the changes will be made for you at a future date.  You can learn more about these changes, future updates and how to get help here.

Google @ Rutgers (ScarletApps) In Full Swing

The Office of Information Technology is pleased to announce the production implementation of the Rutgers Google Apps for Education suite. The new service is called ScarletApps and it includes the most popular Google Apps – Gmail, Docs, Calendar, etc. as well as the recent addition of many of the applications formerly available only with personal Google accounts.

Originally planned to roll out to the student population as each new class enters the system, it became clear during beta testing that a more aggressive roll-out would be needed to meet the demand for this popular service.

New incoming and transfer students are currently offered ScarletMail accounts by default as their primary Rutgers account during the NetID activation and services selection process. Now, any active student, faculty or staff member may activate the new service here or by selecting the ScarletApps tab on the myRutgers portal.

This new service provides a large repository of resources that can enrich the learning, instructional and work environments for Rutgers students, faculty and staff. For additional information, there is a Frequently Asked Questions section available on the ScarletApps website.

For help, please email help@scarletmail.rutgers.edu, or contact your Campus Computing Help Desk:

Campus Phone Location/hours/info
Camden 856/225-6274 http://computing.camden.rutgers.edu/about-us
Newark 973/353-5083 http://ncs.rutgers.edu/helpdesk
New Brunswick 732/445-HELP(4357) http://nbcs.rutgers.edu/helpdesk

Important news – Changes are coming to ScarletMail accounts

What is happening?
Important changes are about to happen to your ScarletMail account.  As you know, ScarletMail is the Rutgers implementation of Google Apps for Education.  Google will begin converting ScarletMail accounts to be more like a full Google Account.  This is part of a larger implementation by Google to convert all Google Apps accounts to have access to their full suite of applications.

Please note that Rutgers may not allow access to certain services, notably monetizing services.
List of applications available on ScarletApps.

When will this happen?
Google will start converting the ScarletMail domain on Thursday, July 28th.

What changes you need to know about: Continue reading

ScarletApps Now Using NetID Password (starting June 15th)

The way you login to access ScarletApps, including ScarletMail, via a web browser is changing. On June 15th, 2011, the ScarletApps service will use the password associated with your NetID (e.g. used for myRutgers, Sakai, registration, etc.)

For more information on the ScarletApps login change, please click here.

And the Winner of the ScarletApps Beta iPad is …


The student beta testing for the Rutgers implementation of Google Apps for Education (ScarletApps) that began in October has concluded with the final survey that closed on Thursday, Dec. 9th.  As previously announced, there was a random prize drawing for those participants who completed the use cases and the final survey.

The winner of the prize, Amanda Eitzen is seen in the photo (below) accepting her iPad from OIT Vice President Donald Smith.  Amanda is a graduate student in the Rutgers Business School.

Congratulations Amanda!

Amanda Eitzen accepting her iPad from OIT Vice President Donald Smith

Thanks to the over 800 students who participated in ScarletApps Beta Testing for all your help and feedback.

Students who participated in the testing may continue to use ScarletMail as your primary email account if you choose, as we will not be disabling any of the beta participant accounts.  Even though the formal use case testing is over, we may still contact you to assist with further testing.  We value and appreciate your continued support.

OIT plans to offer ScarletMail accounts to all incoming and transfer students for the fall 2011 semester.

For more information on ScarletApps, please click here.

Thanks again for all your help and feedback!

Google Apps for Education Beta Update

The fall student beta testing of the Google Apps for Education suite is in its fourth week of the program and going well. Over 800 students representing Newark, Camden, and New Brunswick signed-up to participate and provide feedback on the weekly test cases using the Rutgers Gmail domain, scarletmail.rutgers.edu.

Some of the objectives of the beta testing are to look at how Google Apps will work in the Rutgers environment, develop an account provisioning model, as well as identify support requirements and integration issues with existing applications such as the MyRutgers portal, Sakai, etc.

In the Spring 2011 semester, there will be a faculty beta test of Google Apps for instructional use. Interested faculty who would like to participate are asked to send email to google_beta_feedback@email.rutgers.edu.

Google recently announced that they will be offering most of the apps currently in their commercial application suite in the education version this fall. Beta testing has begun on Google Sites, Video/Chat, Start Page (iGoogle), and Groups.

For further information on the project go to http://scarletmail.rutgers.edu