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Registration Open for Intro to Sakai Training




The Office of Instructional and Research Technology, Rutgers University–New Brunswick, offers introduction to the Sakai course management system training sessions through the month of August. In-person sessions take place in Davidson Hall on the Busch Campus, Rutgers–New Brunswick, or online via webinars.

Training is open to new faculty, part-time lecturers, or veterans of the university who have either never used Sakai or are in need of a refresher. Check the calendar for dates and learn more here.

What’s New in Sakai


– Create weekly modules with the Lesson Builder tool
– Set up and manage office hours with the Sign-Up tool
– Include streaming video in your site
– NJVid.net now integrated with Sakai
– Pilot test the new videoconferencing tool, Big Blue Button
– Submit grades directly to the Registrar from Gradebook 2
– New test question type: Matrix of Choices
– Link to Google Docs from the Resources tool

For help with Sakai, call 732-445-8721 or email sakai@rutgers.edu

Google Apps for Education Beta Update

The fall student beta testing of the Google Apps for Education suite is in its fourth week of the program and going well. Over 800 students representing Newark, Camden, and New Brunswick signed-up to participate and provide feedback on the weekly test cases using the Rutgers Gmail domain, scarletmail.rutgers.edu.

Some of the objectives of the beta testing are to look at how Google Apps will work in the Rutgers environment, develop an account provisioning model, as well as identify support requirements and integration issues with existing applications such as the MyRutgers portal, Sakai, etc.

In the Spring 2011 semester, there will be a faculty beta test of Google Apps for instructional use. Interested faculty who would like to participate are asked to send email to google_beta_feedback@email.rutgers.edu.

Google recently announced that they will be offering most of the apps currently in their commercial application suite in the education version this fall. Beta testing has begun on Google Sites, Video/Chat, Start Page (iGoogle), and Groups.

For further information on the project go to http://scarletmail.rutgers.edu

If you have a Rutgers NetID, you can create a Sakai site

Most students don’t know this—but anyone with a Rutgers NetID can create a Sakai site. Many students I know create and use Sakai sites for collecting information, chatting, and working on group projects. A Sakai site makes it really easy to create a joint bibliography, create drafts of papers, have group chats, and share resources.

You can find instructions for site creation in Sakai Help. Or you can attend one of our Student Site Creation training sessions on September 14, beginning at 9:30pm, in Scott 123 on the College Avenue campus or September 16, beginning at 9:30pm, in ARC 103 on the Busch campus.

At this session, we’ll be happy to answer any questions that you have about Sakai.