Mathematica 8 in Education and Research (2pm Feb 11 NB; RU-iptv Cmd, Nwk, NB)

With the recent release of Mathematica 8, many users are finding new reasons to dive in to Mathematica. This seminar will demonstrate some basic ideas of Mathematica for the new user, some popular features of recent releases, and brand new functionality of Mathematica 8. Please note that the presentation will start at 2pm on Friday, February 11 in the Core Auditorium on Busch Campus. Also, it will be available live on RU-iptv’s RULive Channel for those connected to RUNet as well as on Video on Demand afterwards. Here is a sample of topics that attendees will see:

* 2D and 3D visualization
* Dynamic interactivity
* On-demand scientific data
* Example-driven course materials
* Symbolic interface construction
* Practical and theoretical applications
* Demonstrations of Digital Image Processing and Parallelization

New items for Mathematica 8

* Free-form linguistic input
* Updated and expanded Statistical capabilities
* Demonstrations for wavelets and control systems work
* Enhanced point-and-click menus
* Discussion of support for GPU’s and CUDA

Current users will benefit from seeing the many improvements and new features of Mathematica 8 (, but prior knowledge of Mathematica is not required.