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Matlab now available free to students

The Office of Information Technology is pleased to announce that students can now download, install, and use Matlab on on their personally owned computers.  The software can be accessed on the Rutgers University Software Portal

Please note that students can also access Matlab in the campus computing labs or via


Welcome to the Spring Semester!

Welcome back to the start of a new semester.  The OIT Help Desk will be open during the move-in weekend to assist students returning to campus.  Call 848-445-HELP for assistance with all your computing needs.

We wish you all a successful semester ahead!

Network Status Update

On the morning of December 24th, Rutgers experienced an intermittent DDoS attack, directed primarily at  OIT worked with our provider on mitigation and has advised law enforcement of the attack.Users may experience difficulty accessing Sakai until the problem is resolved.

We are continuing to monitor the status.

We apologize for the inconvenience.  Thank you for your patience as we work through the issues.
848-445-HELP (4357)

OIT Update: & Cloud Service Update

List of Software available on and

Math & Science                  Desktop                         Programming

APBS 1.3.0                           Acrobat Reader *       CoqIDE 8.3

Avogadro 1.0.3                   Blender 2.7.0               Coq – Emacs

Cadabra 1.29                      Firefox *                           Eclipse IDE

Chemtool 1.6.13                Google Chrome *      GNU C/C++ 4.7

FSL 5.0                                 Google Earth 7.1.1   GNU Fortran 4.7

FSL View 4.0                       Gummi 0.6.3                 Google Android SDK *

Genome Workbench 2.4            Libre Office *       Meld 1.6

Gephi 0.8.1-1                      Pidgin IM 2.10             Netbeans IDE *

GNU Octave  3.6.2             Thunderbird *             Ox 7

Icarus Verilog 0.9.5            Pep8

Maple 18 – 100 user limit                Perl 5.14

Mathematica 10.0.0           PHP 5.3.28

Matlab 2014a                       Proof General 4.2

Maxima 5.27                          Python 2.7.3


PSPP 0.7.9

Quantum GIS 2.4

R 3.1.1-3

RStudio 0.98.1025

Sage 5.10-1

SAS 9.4-1

SPSS 21 – 50 user limit

Stata MP2 13 (MP4 on Apps.HPC)

Weka 3.6.9

XDrawChem 2.0

*denotes packages that are regularly updated.

Likely updates by September include:

Sage Math



Android SDK/NDK


New users (any Rutgers user with a NetID) can access Apps and Apps.HPC resources by first selecting “activate services” via  Then just point your browser at and login. Getting started info is referenced on the  start up page.

Note that Stat Transfer has been deleted since licensing no longer supports servers.

To keep in touch with Apps updates, read or join the Apps User Community by signing up at   For further information, please send email to

Apps HPC Will Provide Accees to GPU Capability for Instruction – We are looking for folks to test the GPUs. will be debuting access to some GPU capability in April, but now we are looking for some users who would test this service and provide feedback before it is made generally available. Please send email to indicatting your interest in testing this GPU capability.

Any Apps user will be able to submit assignments and basic research programs to the GPU cluster which is comprised of 500 core Tesla GPUs from Nvidia. There are 8 GPUs on a node. This system will allow users to submit parallelized code using Matlab, Mathematica, R, and other packages.