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The Livingston Computing Center recently had a visitor come by the lab — none other than our friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man!  The picture above was the view from the Supervisors’ Office.

We have been having a difficult time coming up with a good caption for the picture of our visiting superhero, so we figured we would hold a caption contest and get some help from all of you!

And the winner will get a prize, courtesy of New Brunswick Computing Services — a $25 Barnes & Noble gift card!

Here are the rules:

  • Captions must be received by Friday, 4/25 @ 5pm
  • Captions must be from a Rutgers student, faculty or staff member
  • Captions must be in good taste (of course)
  • Captions may be submitted in 2 ways
  1. On Facebook: You must “Like” the @RutgersIT Facebook page, must use the hashtag #RUOITSpidey), must post caption in the comments of the image post
  2. On Twitter: You must follow @RutgersIT on Twitter, must tweet the caption to @RutgersIT using the hashtag we set #RUOITSpidey

After the deadline, we will ask the people to help us find the top captions to help us decide the winner.  Voting will begin Monday, 4/28 @ 1pm, and end on Wednesday, 4/30 @ 1pm.

Again, there are two ways to help:

  1. On Facebook, we will ask people to “Like” their favorite captions on the Facebook post ;
  2. On Twitter, we will ask people to re-tweet & favorite the caption they like best.

The ones with the most Likes/RTs & Favorites will rise to the top, and we will choose a winner from this final group of captions.

Again, the winner will get a prize, courtesy of New Brunswick Computing Services — a $25 Barnes & Noble gift card!

We will announce the winner of the OIT #RUOITSpidey Caption Contest by Thursday, 5/1 @ 4pm.

We’re looking forward to some great captions!  Good luck!

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NBCS Computer Labs Spring 2014 Pre-Finals Schedule

Posted by: albelee on April 22, 2014

The NBCS Computer Labs have extended hours starting this week so students can have a place to study for exams and work on final papers and projects. This includes 24-hour schedules at the main Labs on each of the New Brunswick Campuses –

The NBCS Computer Labs schedule for the Pre-Finals period (April 20th – May 5th) are now available online. You can always find the most up to date schedules for all NBCS Computer Labs online here.

We wish all students the best in your final exams, papers and projects.

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Engage with Others in the Rutgers Tech Communities

Posted by: gerdes on April 21, 2014

Need technical help when there’s no one else around. The university’s technical user communities are always here for you and well networked. You’re never alone … at least not technically. Join the mailing list by visiting and following the instructions. We’re happy to provide assistance, advice, experience, sharing and just keeping in touch. Monthly OIT Tech meetings with agenda and highlights are posted to ru_it.

OIT Tech meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month during the fall and spring semesters in Davidson Hall, room 101 at 1:30pm. The meetings are usually available via video conference, live stream (viewers can chat questions to the meeting), or recording.

For recordings of archived Tech Group meetings visit

Archived topics include:

- Rutgers video services including a Video Center Demo
- Software Collection Development
- InfoBlox
- HPCC Initiative and Colo Planning
- Mobile App
- IdManagement
- Microsoft licensing and Office 365

A selection of other mailing lists for networking, video services, security, web development, and more are included on Feel free to check it out.

For more information send queries or suggested topics to

Post Comments:No comments yet will be debuting access to some GPU capability in April, but now we are looking for some users who would test this service and provide feedback before it is made generally available. Please send email to indicatting your interest in testing this GPU capability.

Any Apps user will be able to submit assignments and basic research programs to the GPU cluster which is comprised of 500 core Tesla GPUs from Nvidia. There are 8 GPUs on a node. This system will allow users to submit parallelized code using Matlab, Mathematica, R, and other packages.

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Moving Big Data (part 1)

Posted by: gerdes on April 21, 2014

If your group wants to move Big Data as quickly as possible, then your system will need to use GridFTP (or some variant) and achieve security without depending on a firewall. The following links provide much more information.

The recommendation is to use either GridFTP or Globus Online

Science DMZ Security – Firewalls vs. Router ACLs contact for implementation

To better understand what is possible, at any given time, you need to understand the RUNet Map at (if you are not on the “OIT Tech Forum” sakai site, send email to Here are the RUNet updates since the 2010 drawing These network traffic graphs show usage/congestion at the handoffs

Network Performance testing includes PerfSonar which tracks connectivity over time While NDT provides a snapshot in time but can provide more details for your system NDT at Rutgers NDT at NJEDge NDT at Internet2 NDT at Google

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New Guest NetID Request Web Form

Posted by: gerdes on April 21, 2014

To improve the accuracy and efficiency of the Guest NetID process, the Office of Information Technology is introducing a new web form to replace paper forms for requesting Guest NetID and Accounts for legacy Rutgers users!

As a sponsor, you can log in to the web form with your NetID and password and submit requests electronically. For your convenience, this web form allows you to track the progress of your new request and make changes to requests that need additional information or clarification.

Please find the new form at:

Once logged in, click the “Request a New Guest NetID” button. You will be asked to verify your information before entering the information for your guest. On the homepage, you will be able to view the status of your request.

Please discard any blank paper forms in your possession, as they will no longer be accepted.

Please contact the NBCS Help Desk at the number below, or email us at, if you have questions or concerns.

Please note: There will be an enterprise wide guest solution (including RBHS) implemented later this year which will have a self-service approach, and include workflows and attestation. It will be fully integrated with the University?s Person Registry, enabling improved onboarding of guests and security compliance. This enterprise solution will replace both legacy Rutgers? interim online guest form and RBHS guest provisioning process. For any questions regarding the enterprise wide solution, please contact

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DCS Video Conference Classroom Now Online

Posted by: gerdes on April 21, 2014

Video conference camera in Tillett Hall 232 Tillett Hall Room 232, one of sixteen recently constructed classrooms in this building, has been equipped with video conference technology available for use by classes, conferences, and other Rutgers events as part of a pilot program. A permanent part of the room’s architecture, the video conferencing equipment in Room 232 requires no in-room set up. After requesting access from DCS, users will be able to broadcast high quality audio and video from classes and events to viewers watching online. Videos can also be saved online for future viewing. If you would like to video conference in Tillett 232 as part of our pilot program, contact us.

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Posted by: gerdes on April 21, 2014

2/27/14 – FSL 5.0 and FSL View have been added to for more info refer to for more info

1/20/14 – With the assistance of some folks who helped to test, anyone can now use this new HPC Apps service. Read more about this capability below.

1/20/14 – As browsers no longer support Java applications, the older Java Login page will be less useful and associated descriptions in documentation (flagged with **JAVA) will be deleted.

Please note that webdrive (highlighted in the “Start up Document” at is very easy to use for file transfers.

To keep in touch with Apps updates as they happen, join the Apps User Community by signing up at For further information, please send email to

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OIT Hosts Comic Strip Superstars @RutgersDay 2014 #RutgersDay

Posted by: Mostafa Khalifa on April 21, 2014


Have you ever imagined yourself as a superhero or some other character?  Create a comic strip with you as the star and take home a copy!  You can become a Comic Strip Superstar on Rutgers Day on the Cook/Douglass Campus in the Loree Building, Room 13.

We look forward to seeing you become a Comic Strip Superstar on Rutgers Day!

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OIT Help Desk @RutgersDay 2014! #RutgersDay

Posted by: emcmilli on April 17, 2014

Rutgers Day Banner_noliz

Discover how the Internet works with a variety of fun, interactive activities. The OIT Help Desk’s tent at Rutgers Day will provide you with an inside look on how the Internet works. Journey as a byte through our Internet obstacle course and test your technical knowledge for a chance to win a prize! The OIT Help Desk’s tent will be located in the Engineering Area on Busch Campus.

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