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OIT Help Desk @RutgersDay 2014! #RutgersDay

Posted by: emcmilli on April 17, 2014

Rutgers Day Banner_noliz

Discover how the Internet works with a variety of fun, interactive activities. The OIT Help Desk’s tent at Rutgers Day will provide you with an inside look on how the Internet works. Journey as a byte through our Internet obstacle course and test your technical knowledge for a chance to win a prize! The OIT Help Desk’s tent will be located in the Engineering Area on Busch Campus.

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Message from the CIO: Heartbleed Vulnerability

Posted by: Mostafa Khalifa on April 16, 2014


You have probably heard about a vulnerability named Heartbleed that takes advantage of a flaw in OpenSSL, the software that encrypts data transmitted over the Internet.   IT staff are vigorously scanning systems to identify those impacted by the vulnerability and working around the clock to mitigate the vulnerabilities as quickly as possible.

OIT expects that “phishers” will attempt to exploit this opportunity.  Please be vigilant in protecting your identity and do not click on links in emails.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding Heartbleed, contact your local help desk.

OIT has confirmed that our central authentication systems were not impacted by this vulnerability; however, other Rutgers systems, as well as some commercial web services, have been affected.

We are evaluating if some or all Rutgers passwords need to be changed.  This cannot be done until the affected systems have been remediated.  As soon as Rutgers systems have been remediated OIT will recommend next steps to the community.

We encourage you to follow the advice provided by your service providers about their services.  OIT will provide updates and recommendations as they become available.

Current information and updates on Heartbleed will be maintained on RUSecure’s special Heartbleed web page.

Don Smith


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OIT Hosts Green Screen Getaway @RutgersDay 2014 #RutgersDay

Posted by: Mostafa Khalifa on April 14, 2014


Pose for a keepsake photo under the ocean, in outer space, or anywhere a green screen can take you.  OIT’s Green Screen Getaway will be in the following 3 locations on Rutgers Day

We look forward to seeing you at one of our Green Screen Getaway locations on Rutgers Day!

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OIT Computer Repair @RutgersDay 2014! #RutgersDay

Posted by: emcmilli on April 10, 2014


The Office of Information Technology will have four different booths at this year’s Rutgers Day! The first event is brought to you by Computer Repair:

How do Computers Work?

Computers are used for everything, but do you know how they work? The technicians from Rutgers Computer Repair will display the working parts of computers and explain how they interact. Take our quiz to test your knowledge while the kids enjoy face painting. Office of Information Technology (CDROL-130)

Be sure to visit Computer Repair at Rutgers Day, April 26th, at the  Red Oak Lane Area located on the Cook/Douglas Campus.

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FLASHBACK: OIT @RutgersDay in 2010 #RutgersDay

Posted by: Mostafa Khalifa on April 07, 2014

Once again, the Office of Information Technology is happy to be hosting events at this year’s Rutgers Day!

But before we talk about the events we will be hosting (stay tuned for future posts for more information), let’s take a look back at what OIT has done in the past!

Check out the video above showing a flashback of OIT at Rutgers Day 2010.  Enjoy and stay tuned to the RutgersIT Blog for more info about OIT at Rutgers Day 2014!

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OIT is @RUDanceMarathon This Weekend! #RUDM2014

Posted by: Mostafa Khalifa on April 02, 2014


The Office of Information Technology (OIT) is helping out all weekend long during the Rutgers Dance Marathon charity event which is held yearly to support the Embrace Kids Foundation.   This is a fun and worthy event that hundreds of Rutgers students participate in each year.  For more on the event, click here.

Over the last five years, over 150 members of our staff (student and full-time staff) have volunteered their time to help out during Dance Marathon.  This year the marathon is taking place throughout this weekend (Saturday and Sunday – April 5th and Apri 6th) at the RAC on Livingston Campus.

We will set up a bank of computers where those who are participating in RU Dance Marathon can get online to check their email, make song requests and add entries to the marathon’s blog.  They can also use the built-in webcams to take pictures and post them on the RU Dance Marathon Facebook Page.  Our staff will be on hand to assist in making sure this equipment is running smoothly and to help anyone having trouble using the computers.

Once again, we are looking forward to helping out for the sixth consecutive year! FTK!

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The Office of Information Technology will complete its transition to ScarletApps and decommission student campus email services on Eden, Pegasus, and Clam as of July 1, 2014. In order to ensure that everyone has access to ScarletApps and continues to receive email, OIT asks that you make these changes before July 1.

If you do not have a ScarletMail account, visit and click Activate Now.

Visit and select Manage Email Address to

  1. Set your Personalized Email Address to an alias such as
  2. Set the ScarletMail account ( as a Delivery Email Account and remove delivery addresses on Eden, Pegasus, or Clam. Add the new delivery address before deleting old ones
  3. Set your Official Rutgers Email Address to the alias you selected (e.g.

Alternatively, the changes will be made for you at a future date.  You can learn more about these changes, future updates and how to get help here.

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Rutgers U. Survey on Email and Calendaring – IT Strategic Plan

Posted by: Stanley Kolasa on March 28, 2014

Members of the Rutgers Community:

In accordance with the University Strategic Plan, several IT committees have been formed to investigate and propose various consolidated enterprise IT service solutions. Among these initiatives is a plan for moving toward a unified outsourced email and calendar system.

The Enterprise Email and Calendaring committee invites you to take a short survey about your email and calendar needs and preferences. Your feedback will help guide the committee’s search for an appropriate solution that will best serve the greater needs of the University community.

The survey will be available until Friday, April 4, 2014 and can be found at:

Thank you in advance for your assistance.  We value your voice in this process and hope that you can take a few minutes to send us your thoughts.

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We strive to give our students, faculty, and staff the best experience they can have in the NBCS Computer Labs.

If you have used any of the NBCS Computer Labs and any of the services we provide in the Labs, then please help us continue to improve our services, and tell us how we’re doing!

As an added bonus, if you take the NBCS Computer Lab Survey, you will be entered into a random drawing for a $25 gift card for Barnes & Noble! The drawing will be held on Thursday, May 1, 2014.

*NOTE: One entry per person per drawing. We welcome all your feedback.  For the purposes of the drawing, each NetID will get only one entry. *

Take the NBCS Computer Lab Survey, and enter for a chance to win today!

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| debuts HPC capability in support of instruction and some elementary research. Any Apps user can submit jobs to Apps.HPC.

One can test their code on Apps as usual. Then save their program and submit the job to Apps.HPC via the srun command from a terminal window. Note that is prioritized for interactive use while Apps.HPC only prioritized to run HPC and longer running jobs.

Apps HPC system is a single node with 32 cores and 750 gig of memory. This system will allow users to submit longer running jobs as well as run parallelized code with Matlab, Mathematica, R, Stata MP4, and other packages.

Refer to for basic info to get started. For further info, send email to

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