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Now Hiring: On-Campus Student Computing Jobs

New Brunswick Computing Services (NBCS) Help Desk and Computer Labs are holding their annual hiring drive for student workers from now until Friday, February 27th.  While these jobs start in the Help Desk and Computer Labs, promotion to ResNet and student supervisory positions is a real possibility.  ResNet student staff is responsible for troubleshooting network connectivity issues and clearing off malware on student machines while providing excellent customer service.

NBCS is looking for bright, self-motivated students with a knack for meticulous troubleshooting.  Working for ResNet, the Help Desk, or Computer Labs is a great starting point for students looking to work in Information Technology regardless of major.  If you’ve set up your own network at home, enjoy reading up on the latest gadgets that are coming out, and love to help others, please consider applying to NBCS.

All majors are accepted and no experience is required.  Hundreds of positions will be available for the Fall 2015 semester and training will be paid over the summer. Working at NBCS makes for a great addition to any resume and it’s a solid opportunity to build technical skills.

 For more information and to apply, please go to

The RUWireless Secure network has changed

All RUWireless_Secure users must reconfigure their devices to connect to RUWireless Secure again.  For most, this is as simple as connecting to RUWireless, returning to the RUWireless login page, and clicking “Configure Me for RUWireless Secure.” If you are not automatically redirected to the RUWireless login page, point your browser to:

XpressConnect will run again and update the configuration automatically.  Please make sure you are connected to RUWireless prior to going to the above page.

Before reconfiguration, Windows users may see an error message from secureW2, which can be ignored.   Just connect to RUWireless, and follow the instructions above.

For Apple iOS devices (e.g. iPhones, iPads), the existing RUWireless_Secure profile must be removed before running the configuration wizard.   To do this:

  • Click on Settings
  • Click on General, scroll to the bottom
  • Click on RUWireless_Secure profile, and click Remove.

If you do not reconfigure successfully, you will simply see your authentication to RUWireless_Secure fail.

More information and troubleshooting tips will be posted as announcements on the RUWireless webpage, as they become available.  Please visit:

If you have further questions or need assistance, please contact your local computing Help Desk.

OIT Computing Services Help Desk
New Brunswick Campus:  732-445-HELP(4357), email:
Camden Campus:                856-225-6274, email:
Newark Campus:                973-353-5083, email: