5th Annual Holiday Instructional Technology Showcase (11am-5pm Dec 9 & 10 NB; RU-iptv’s RULive Channel)

The Office of Instructional and Research Technology would like to invite you to our 2010 Technology Showcase! The showcase will take place on Thursday, December 9th and Friday, December 10th from 11am to 5pm in room 101 of the ASB Annex I on Busch Campus. Drop by at any time and stay for as long as you like.

Topics include:
Thursday, Dec 9
Social Media in Education*
Learning Objects*
Sakai Lesson Builder*
RU-iptv, RU-tv, & Video Services
Sakai 3
Learning Music while bringing a Symphony to Life
Google Apps
iPads in Education
Second Life
French Blog

Friday, Dec 10
Digital Storytelling*
Hybrid Learning*
Multimedia in Libraries*
RU-iptv, RU-tv, & Video Services
Sakai 3
Survey and polling technologies
Mobile Productivity tools for all
New RU Apps
Moving to Sakai and Lesson Builder
Alternative Uses for Sakai
Data Security

*From 11:30am to 4pm, these presentations will be available (on a rotational basis) on RU-iptv’s RULive Channel which can be viewed by any on-campus wired connection as well as multicast enabled connections with NJEDge or Internet2 connectivity. Point your java enabled browser at http://ruiptv.rutgers.edu and double click the RULive Channel. Plan ahead in case you need to make adjustments by testing your ability to see the Rutgers Channel on ruiptv.rutgers.edu

For more information, visit the main site at http://oirt.rutgers.edu/showcase or email sakai@rutgers.edu


Note that if you want to be able to view the televised sessions, plan in advance and test whether you can see 001 Rutgers Channel and 209 PB Rutgers. Multicast needs to be activated on your campus network infrastructure. Also, firewalls need to allow ports 4900-4905, multicasts from, and the license server (we have instructions for PIX and other firewalls on a sakai site where we can add your email address so you can see the site).

By pointing your browser at http://detective.internet2.edu/ and using the java applet test, you can see whether your network is currently multicast enabled.

By pointing your browser at http://ndt-nbp.rutgers.edu/ and pressing the start button, you can verify your network connectivity. You will need at least 3Mb/s of connectivity.